Thursday, 21 July 2016


The gadgets are just pouring in the market everyday with all major innovations in it. Gadgets play a vital role in every people these days. 

People are also ready to invest and use the gadgets those are in markets or online stores.


There are various gadgets that are under the budget of the buyer and few above the budget line.
 Still if the gadget is as useful the buyer is ready to purchase the product which crosses the budget line.


The dash-i-micro SD reader is built as the smallest external storage for the iOS devices. This gadget acts as a card reader for the iOS devices that give unlimited storage capabilities. 

This is made of a special element of aircraft-grade aluminum casing. This gadget can be attached to any of the key bunch that is carried everyday along and can be taken anywhere the user goes.

This card reader supports Micro SD cards of any capacity, and it allows to store and access music, photos, videos and more.

The other advantage of this gadget Is that, it can also password protect the files and back up the files in the iOS device. It also comes with concurrent charging capability. It costs 
around $28.


The Amazon tap is a wireless Bluetooth speaker. It is Alexa-enabled portable device.
It is just another way to easy listening of music.
 You just have to tap on the microphone button and go for the music from Prime music, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartradio & Tune in. 

This gadget uses the voice service provided by Alexa when it is connected to the Wi-Fi device or any mobile hotspot in order to play music, read the news, and provides weather reports. 

Also for a nap order a pizza from it. 

It is just an amazing gadget from Amazon.

 It delivers the dolby digital sound along with paired speakers that are stereo in output nature and provide 360 degree Omni-directional audio and it playbacks up to 9 hours. It costs $130.


The Microsoft surface pro 4 is the gadget that comes with the versatility of a laptop and a tablet in one device.

This device comes with 128 GB / Intel core m 3 with 4 GB configuration up to 256 GB / Intel core i7 – 8 GB RAM configuration. 

The operating system is Windows 10 and it has 12.3 inch pixel sense touch screen display that is extremely high contrast and low glare. 

The battery backup is up to 9 hours. It costs $899.


The Innov8 uses the ignition Boost technology. This is the first device with 8TB USB-C powered external desktop storage solution on the market
It is so easy to use where the user has to just connect the device to the computer and it is ready to use.

This device is so handy and easy to move and can be placed wherever the user needs to 
place it exactly.

The features of it are it can store up to 2 million songs, 4 million photos & 800 HD movies. This Gadget costs $349.

These gadgets are considered best after proper research on many tech news portals. So you can trust them for sure.

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Thursday, 7 July 2016

How To Access Multiple Accounts At Once In Gmail Account

Gmail is one of the most famous e-mail services platform in the world. With millions of users around the world it has become the biggest e-mail services. 

Apart from it's email services, opening a gmail account also helps us access the other services of Google like Google Drive, YouTube and Google Maps to name a few. 


Google allows a person to open as many accounts as they want but it is really difficult to open more than one account at the same time unless you know the right method.

 Sometimes people need to access more than one account at a time for work or other purposes but gmail does not allow this so we will be showing you how to achieve this.

Obviously for this to work you will need more than one gmail account. To sign up for a Gmail account , you will need to go to and click on the sign up option. It is a very easy and simple process and you will have your own account in no time.


In this method you will be using the incognito feature of your browser.All you need to do is open gmail from two different tabs, one from the normal tab and the other from the incognito tab. 

Once you have done that just login into your different gmail accounts from each of the tab. The method of opening an incognito tab is different in different browsers.

·         To open an incognito mode in Google Chrome you have to press Control+Shift+N
·         In Safari, You have to press the Up arrow+ Command+N
·         In Mozilla Firefox, press themenu option and select Private browsing from the menu button.

In this method you will have to login to your respective accounts on different browsers. In the incognito tab method , you could only open at the max two accounts at once.
But using this method, the more browsers you have , the more accounts you can open at once. We will now list some of the popular browsers which you can use for this method
  •  Google Chrome
  •   Safari
  • Opera
  •  Mozilla Firefox
  •  UC Browser
Check out the video To Understand easily:

You access multiple accounts even on the same browser. This is the most convenient method for the people looking to use multiple gmail account at the same time without any hassle.

 First you login to your Gmail account like you usually do.Then you will notice an option to add a account in the top right corner of the home screen. 

When you select the add account option, another page will open where you have to give the login details of your second account.

 Now you can juggle between these two accounts and send mails from any of the account you choose. You can add as many accounts you want. 

So these were the three methods you can use if you want to access multiple accounts at once.Whichever method you find the easiest, you can use that! 

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

How to say Thank you for birthday wishes

hello guys we have the best and most popular quotes for the  birthday wishes we know the saying the birthday wishes very popular but nowadays we have the best social network where we can share our thoughts through email ,messages and even whats up now a days getting to share the wishes.

If u see that when we have the birthday ,we are celebrating party in that party we will enjoyed a lot but sometimes when we wish the person personally they feel glad to listen our wishes .This Wishes never forget when we message them .

so in this post we have the best thank you for birthday wishes where helps to wishes all your friends where u can share wishes in facebook for there birthday so lets a look .

Thank you so much for the kind birthday wishes. You helped make it a very happy birthday. Much love.
Hey Everyone, I just wanted to thank all of you and to let you guys know how wonderful it feels to have friends like you that can share in my special day. Thanks!
Friends, thank you so much for the kind words on my birthday! I really appreciate the well wishes as I slowly climb over the hill. Can’t wait to party with you ladies soon! Kisses and hugs!
Thank you so much my lovely friends who made my day. I love you all very much for the wonderful feelings you gave me on my special day and made it the most memorable birthday of my life. God bless you. :)
Thank you guys. That was the best birthday wishes ever! you guys rock.Thank you all for remembering my birthday (As if Facebook didn’t remind you! I will keep all your wishes close to my heart.
Your wishes were all that was needed, to make my birthday much more special Thanks a lot!
I don’t think of it as being another year older. I think of it as another year of having enjoyed a friend like you. Thank you.
Birthday Wishes from the people who care for you is just like – “God blessing you with a million dollar cheque”. With these Wishes one could live a long time.
Hi my friends, I just want to take a second to say thanks to all of you for making my 40th birthday very special. You’re the best friends a gal could hope for.
No matter how old we get, we’ll always need the support of our friends. Thank you once again, my lovies, for being with me on my birthday.
It wouldn’t be a happy birthday without having friends like you guys, the wishes much appreciated.
Hello everybody. It was so nice of you to stop by to wish me a “Happy Birthday”. it made my birthday just a little bit more special Thank you…
Thanks guys for the awesome birthday wishes! You guys are so sweet!Thank you all for your warm wishes. Wish us all a happy life ahead. Love you all!!!
Thank you dear. Thanks a lot, you are so special to me and your wishes too. I can’t believe I have to wait another year to hear such sweet things again. And i love you so much. You are the one who makes me whole. Once again i thank you for this compliment and the wonderful wishes, i will never ever forget this.
Lynette, I’d like to thank you for making my birthday so special. I enjoyed the movie we saw and I absolutely loved the huge barrel of buttery popcorn we ate. It was our night together that made my birthday wishes come true.
Thanks so much for your wishes!! You made my Birthday… All the more special. May God Bless You All.
Thank you to all my good old friends for coming and wishing me a happy birthday. It was great to see all of you on my birthday and rememberinge all the happy times we had together. This was a very special day for me because of you all. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and the generous gifts and I hope we all keep in touch. Love you lots ….
I hope your special day will bring you lots of happiness, love and fun. You deserve them a lot. Enjoy!
Have a wonderful birthday. I wish your every day to be filled with lots of love, laughter, happiness and the warmth of sunshine.

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Here is the best birthday wishes for the friends and collegues where u can share via facebook and other social media followers.

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Monday, 20 June 2016

Disable Windows Update Best Latest trends in windows 10/8/7

It might br crazy some guys don know how to turn windows update on:

we  dont understand  y windows not working update generate automatically.

you dont know what are the basic needs  how to choose updates in windows 10 :


lets a look :

Are u getting slow internet connection due to windows  update ?

some people don''t know how to disable windows update  and turn on they might be lengthy 
procedure to disable the internet.

so windows automatic updates may take very long time to update latest version software ,it may graps the whole time to updating and adding the new features for our system.

when we connect the internet connection some apps will run background ,so that's y we get some headache .

some people get frustrated due  to updates .
In this post iam gonna share how to disable  window update.

Before that lemme know what are the basic needs we need to boost the system update.

if u see the many sites they are not the exact solution which may help u to solve u querry ,so if u see the u will get the appropriate solution.

Auctually i have so much problem in my network  when ever i working on the internet,i dont know what happen in my  laptop is getting slow due to updates ,i don't now the background apps is running and getting updates .

It will gives me more time to open the single page ,i faced lots of problems due to internet connection.

so when i opened my cotrol panel i saw that  some apps are getting download ,at that i realize face problem due to downloading the windows update.

i saw many tutorial but  i never get solution.

when i solve my solution ,i thought  that y can't share this guide to you.

So lets look :

How to Disable Windows 10 Automatic Windows Update:

Follow the lucid steps:
  • Just go to control panel.
  • select the Adminstraters tools see thereu will see the lots of option

  • Click on the Services

  • select the Windows update option

you will see the three option but u need to select the only one option called  disable,click on apply then click on ok button .

check out the video:

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so well before doing  this u need must be carefull and u need check out the connecion.This are all about the disable windows update so lemme know in comment if u have any querries regarding to this post .if u like this post just share with your friends.